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Hi guys! We are starting to write blogs so you can follow us on our slime journey! We wanted to share this, our first blog, with you- and fill you in on a bit of our background and how this slime vidaa started. 

The slime guru or slime princesa who started this whole biz is Capri- Capri is 11 years old, but started this slime shop when she was ten! Capri came to me one day and asked if she could sell her slimes, she began to get really into making slimes and so for Christmas 2017 I got her lots of slime supplies since that seemed to be all she wanted to do...

At first, I wasn't too sure I wanted Capri to be making slime and trying to sell it, why? well because I'm a Mom and I guess the first thing I thought was "it's going to be messy" and i also thought Capri would want to sell the slime and soon after decide she didn't feel like it any longer. Well...Capri stayed persistent and continued to ask me if she would be able to sell her slime, she started to ask me every single day, sooooo...I guess you can see that Mom caved in and let her start selling her slimes. 

I started to watch lots of the slime videos Capri was watching on youtube, we entered into the slime community on instagram- and we were just blown away by all of the people selling slime! There were slimers of all ages, all backgrounds, from all over the world!!! Capri said from the day we started "I want my shop to be fun like a fiesta & I want it to be something special to me like something that shows my life and culture."  I always thought it was so cool Capri wanted to make her slime shop into something representing our culture- I myself have had a T-shirt business for the past 10 years & it has always been Latin "themed" so it was cool to hear her want to sort of follow in that direction too. 

We got to work...I told Capri if you are going to make a slime shop and we are gonna do this- then it can't be disorganized it can't be something we give up on right away if it doesn't sell and you have to put in some real work to this idea so we can bring it to life! Capri was eager and her eagerness & positive energy about the whole idea made me eager too! 

We started making lists of slime ideas and looking into containers, scents, ways to texture the slimes, labels, setting up a website ....there was A LOT to get busy doing...I also suggested that she make new "slimer" friends- and at first I was hesitant to let her post pictures, videos and share who she is on the internet & instagram, but I am very much on top of her operation and make sure she is responsible and respectful and soooo Slime Vidaa broke into the slimer scene and we just took it one day at a time - we met new people- we are still meeting new people, we sent some free slime to get reviews- and eventually we got on a huge youtubers channel - which is where we assume most of our following came from- Karina Garcia. Karina Garcia is a veteran O.G. Slimer, she is literally the Slime Queen, and to have her review our up and coming slime shop- it blew us both away and still feels unreal to this day! We are forever grateful to Karina for giving Capri's slime shop a chance to be reviewed and shared on youtube. 

Since the day we began this business until today (November 8th 2018) we have felt very thankful to have grown our account and come across many new and amazing people. So far we have traveled to Texas, L.A. & Connecticut for Slime related events and we are planning to be in California, Tampa, Daytona & Seattle coming up soon! Slime Vidaa has been the perfect name for the slime business, it translates to slime life- and that is really what we have been living since we started ...we have been keeping busy, making our original slime recipes and continue to add new slimes regularly, we try to keep up with the trends in slime and are always brainstorming new and fun ideas. We have even added Kawaii Caprii to Slime Vidaa- which is a Kawaii (cute) brand we plan to expand on Slime Vidaa with. So far we have a Mexican Sweet bread squishy - a Pan Dulce Squishy! The squishy has been doing well and we are so happy people from all over the world have been ordering them! 

We want to thank you for reading this & we are going to be posting more about our journey as we go, we actually met a really sweet Shopify Guru - Kimberley, she asked why don't we have a blog? She was extremely supportive & helpful on our last call to Shopify (our website provider) I really feel we have met the kindest and coolest people since we started this business and this adventure together...people who are just so supportive and helpful in their words & their intentions and have been so encouraging to us. 

Oh well since I'm giving "shout outs" let me also finish this blog saying thank you and shout out to all of you have ordered from Slime Vidaa, all of you who are reading this blog, all of you who have messaged pictures of your slimes and your kids playing with the slimes, all of you who say you love our slime shop, those of you who have spread the word about our business, Thank you so much- we will name a few family & friends & people who have shared slime vidaa or kawaii caprii- we thank you so very much ....(if we did not mention you we're sorry but we still love and appreciate your support, these were just off the top of our heads in the moment) 

-Karina Garcia, Squishy Bunni, Borax Buddies, Eric Slimes, Uniicorn Slime Shop, OrionStarslimes, DramaLLama slimes, DIYS by Abraham, Rocio, Jamileh & Miguel, Justanotherslimer, Someotherslimer& family, Slime sweetnez a.k.a. Ethan, Leah & family, Cindy V. & family, Tia Yadira,Nina Alicia, Angelica Gel & familia, Grandma Sadie, Grandma Rose in Zacatecas, Christopher, Melissa & Mellery, Sarah, Marie & Marisol, Victoria, Kreative Rainbow, Jammy slimes familia, Maddie Rae familia, Masmasa, MevaleArt, PerezHilton,, Crystal BR, and many many many more super kind, helpful and supportive people. 


Thank you again for reading this<3 big hugs to you 


Andrea(Mom) & Capri (my boss) lol..kidding....but not really  

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