Fresas con Crema finally back!

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Fresas con Crema

Pronunciation & translation 

(roll those rrr's) frrrrehh sauce kon crrremm ahh

Fresas con Crema is Strawberries & Cream is a popular sweet treat we LOVE to get when we go to the paleteria. Its fresh strawberries cream and sometimes nuts in a cup like the one in photo just a bit taller...and its YUMMY! 

This slime comes packaged in a 9 oz. cup with a dome lid- just like you got it right from the fruteria or paleteria! It is only available in 9 oz. container.

this slime may not be a full 9 oz. slime as we do not fill to the very tip top to avoid any excess leaking etc. 

Slime is scented with guessed it..STRAWBERRY SCENT...this makes it even more realistic & its sooo nice to squish. The red slime is a clear base glue slime with some pieces of sponge. the white white cream for the fresas will come in a separate 2 oz container to add to your slime. Once mixed it becomes more of a light pink color with a creamy squishy texture. 

ATTENTION PLEASE READ---we used to make this with a white based slime, and sent it with the cream on top- we are now sending the white cream separate so they do not mix while on way to you in mail- this is why price has changed- it is an all new recipe and design- we will also now send slime with 3 strawberry charms instead of one, - these will be in the white cream topping container. 

 only available in 9 oz. as we send in the plastic container in photo. **we also highly recommend that you let your slime sit on a flat surface for a bit before opening it - this will help your slime settle down and avoid a mess when you open it up-**if you are ordering from outside of the United States-we will send the slime in a regular  8 oz. slime container and send this plastic container to put it into when it arrives, this will ensure you don't have a huge mess since it is coming from so far!  

This slime comes with 1 small strawberry charm

Slime is NOT edible-Take caution & care with additional beads & charms-keep out of reach of children & pets! 

Ingredients: clear Elmers glue,  borax activator, gel food coloring, skin safe scent, basic white sponge pieces. Do not play with slime if you are allergic to any of the above mentioned ingredients.