Homemade Tortilla Slime

Homemade Tortilla Slime

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Homemade Tortilla Slime 

Nothing better in our book...

(tortilla pronounced Torrr-tee-ahh) 

Tortillas are a staple in our culture, we often times use them as our spoons to scoop up our food- frijoles (beans), red or green chile, and so much more. They're the basis of many of our traditional foods and enjoyed by many cultures - in things like Burritos, tostadas, tacos, flautas, taquitos, quesadillas and more..

this slime is based of a homemade flour tortilla- keep an eye out we may just have some tortillas de mais coming (corn tortilla) 

homemade tortillas have really basic ingredients including variations of flour, salt, water, butter or lard. 

a thick butter slime scented like warm tortilla and a bit of mantequilla (butter) mmmm it smells delicious 

please do not eat slime- mejor eat a real tortilla and play with the slime lol 

Ingredients glue, borax activator mixture, skin safe coloring, skin safe scent oils, air dry clay, lotion and foaming hand soap. 

shis slimes comes with a small rolling pin- which is used to roll the dough of tortillas into the round shape.