Pan Dulce-With Cream Concha

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Pan Dulce Cloud Slime

Pan Dulce Translates to Sweet Bread, there are many other sweet breads but my personal favorite is a Concha-Conchas look just like the little charm that comes with your slime, but the literal translation is a seashell-which the breads look like too! This is a popular sweet bread BUT even though it's in the title, they're actually not THAT sweet lol, that's probably why I like them, they're just enough mom loves to have one with her coffee, and I like having mine with some warm hot chocolate. mmm yum!  

Pan Dulce is pronounced Pawn-dool-seh and Concha is pronounced cone chah

This was my first slime idea and choice & was inspired by my personal favorite Mexican sweet treat!

This is the Cream colored Concha, conchas come in many colors these days but the more traditional or popular colors are pink (my fave!) brown, Cream color & yellow. I recently saw some on pinterest in rainbow & some others made into ice cream sandwiches!!!

available in 4 oz., 6 oz., & 8 oz., ALL sizes currently come with a concha charm. 

I chose to scent this with a warm vanilla scent- Enjoy!

 Slime is NOT edible-Take caution & care with additional beads & charms-keep out of reach of children & pets! 

Ingredients: white Elmers glue, borax activator, gel food coloring, instant snow & skin safe scent. Do not play with slime if you are allergic to any of these ingredients. 

*charms packaged separately to preserve their life, I recommend leaving for the top of your slime & not squishing into it. *Please see other listings with the brown and pink colored conchas.