Sweet Chile Candy (Pelon Tamarindo candy)

  • $10.00

Sweet Chile Candy

(pelon Tamarindo candy)

Capri loves all things tangy and spicy...no surprise that she loves the original mexican tamarindo candy you push up..!! This is a tangy candy that's not for everyone but is so fun to push out! 

This slime comes packaged in a push up, with 2 of the 2 oz sizes-making it a 4 oz. Slime. We separate the slimes in 2 of the containers because each container is a perfect portion for the push pop candy. 

Just like the candy..pushing the slime takes a little work but its so cooooool when it comes out!! 

To push out you just take your slime out of its container and remove white bottom of the candy container-then put your slime in and push up..you can take it out and store it and you have the extra 2 oz. Too!!

This slime is scented like sweet orange chile 

Slime is NOT edible-caution it looks like the real thing!!!-keep out of reach of children & pets! 

Ingredients: white Elmers glue, borax activator, gel food coloring, some basic white lotion-Do not play with slime if you are allergic to any of the above mentioned ingredients.